Faces behind Chainbalance - Who is Nuno Gonçalves

Britta Dünschede
· 2 min read

From Cook to Store Manager to Junior Business Development Manager. Nuno acquired an impressive career path over the years. Born in Portugal, he completed his apprenticeship as a cook and worked in a well-known hotel for one year. The importance of being organized and prepared, the so-called Mise en Place, is something he learned and lived from scratch during his time working in gastronomy. After four years, Nuno wanted to move on, one particularly important thing on his mind – working with people and in fashion.

"If you have the right product at the right place at the right time, you do not have to lower the price to sell out your overstock. The product will sell itself."

Nuno Gonçalves
Junior Business Development Manager

After 1 ½ years at Belstaff as a Store Assistant, he applied to Philipp Plein and moved to Berlin. Settled in Germany’s capital, he worked as a Shop Assistant there for two years and was promoted to Assistant Store Manager. Intending to be fully responsible for the success of his team and the store, Nuno changed to Store Manager at Happy Socks and worked there for over two years. Ending his career in retail at the now-trending Italian brand Diesel. With his profound knowledge of the fashion industry and his experience, he is a valued addition to the Chainbalance team.

When Nuno first saw our Smart Merchandise Management Solution, he was more than impressed. The born salesman needs to sell something he believes in. Smart Supply® is a solution for the industry he sees as an innovative addition for every brand, store, and retailer. After going through the lengthy process of reordering stock or adjusting the assortment manually for many years, Nuno knows how useful Smart Merchandise Management is for the fashion world.

“If you have the right product at the right place at the right time, you do not have to lower the price to sell out your overstock. The product will sell itself.”, said Nuno, reminiscing about his old days in retail. He saw the potential in Smart Supply® to save time and ease processes such as replenishment or substituting products to be closer to demand. Moreover, helping to create a more innovative and faster industry, solving problems most brands, stores, and retailers have.


With his open and cheerful personality, he enriches our days at the office. He often tells stories about his time in luxury or his home, Portugal. Nuno was born in Lisbon and came to Germany when he was seven. He admires the openness and heartiness the Portuguese display and of course misses the sun, the beach, the sea, and the salt in the air. After spending all his summers in his home country during his childhood visiting family or camping in Porto Côvo, he is the right person to ask for travel tips. Porto Côvo, Nuno’s secret travel tip, a village sprinkled with white and blue houses, allows you to travel in time and catch a glimpse of the traditional Portuguese lifestyle, away from big cities like Berlin or Lisbon.

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