Always one step ahead - Version 2.5

Britta Dünschede
· 2 min read

If the consumer is dynamic, the fashion business needs to tailor itself according to customer demand. Chainbalance is already performing with the expertise insights of our veteran customers in mind. We can continuously develop our solution adjusted to our clients’ needs. This is the reason why Version 2.5 of Smart Supply is where it is today. Through actively listening and responding to our customers' needs, we were able to implement many new features.


"We strongly believe in innovation, commitment, and authenticity. That is our company DNA and that is what you can expect in the services we provide to our customers."

Ben Vermin
CEO and Founder, Chainbalance

Often, it is hard to stay on top of things, especially in an as fast-moving industry as the fashion world. Missing the performance of that one small store x in y for example can happen quicker than we would like. Chainbalance can help you to never miss the performance of your stores or retailers, again.

Do you want to know where your bestsellers are missing with just one click?

With the new in-depth Store insights report, this is possible with just one click. Our patrons are now able to check the overall performance of specific stores with accurate real-time data. Furthermore, the new assortment comparison tool offers deep insights for the specific performance of collections and products in one store, either through contribution to total sales, or compared to your overall revenue.


Using this new feature enables you to get a taste of the future assortment for that specific store at that particular time. Gain insights towards a more lucrative merchandise management and set the groundwork for our future demand forecasting.

But what distinguishes Chainbalance from other merchandise management solutions?

Another exciting new feature allowed Chainbalance to leap from being a reactive replenishment software to a proactive smart merchandise management solution, proven by our 13 years of success. With the new replenishment behaviour based on turnover rates, the users can configure the replenishment for an option in a specific store. If the turnover rate there drops below the configured threshold, Smart Supply can react in a matter of seconds.


Avoid lost sales in all your stores with the newly implemented replenishment behaviour tool.

But that’s not all! Here are some more new features of Version 2.5:

  • New replenishment statuses
  • Ability to mass change, often used store settings in store management page
  • Stock take date history added to store setup page
  • DC availability column added to the main initial allocation page
  • New sections in store set up page

Say goodbye to debilitating excel sessions, multitasking multiple systems and micromanaging at once. Source all the important information, deep insights and concrete decisions you need through Chainbalance's Smart Merchandise Management tool and make the consumer the heartbeat of your value chain.

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