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Sustainability and profitability through data

The all-in-one merchandising solution for the fashion, footwear and sports industry.

Leveraging your data, we provide smart solutions. Optimize and automate your operations across all channels with Chainbalance. Reduce your manual workload by using the latest technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing or Big Data.

Effortless. Profitable. Sustainable.

With an effortless onboarding, requiring little IT capacity, the solution is easy to integrate in your business operations. Get up and running within 90 days and see your ROI in less than six months.



We want to create an efficient fashion industry with optimized profitability and sustainability through intelligent merchandise management.


With our extensive solution Smart Supply, we want to support merchandising teams across the apparel industry in their day-to-day micro-decisions.


Innovation, commitment and authenticity are the core values driving our success and growth.

Team Bild Chainbalance Sommer 2024

Meet the team

Our team is the foundation of our success, a team of industry experts in fashion and software development. Everyone is dedicated to pushing their boundaries while creating a space for nurturing positive change. Each individual is not just an employee, but a valued team member whose skills and perspectives help us move forward.

We believe in the power of appreciation, recognizing that it's not only the collective effort that drives us, but the individual contributions. We celebrate the diversity of talents, ideas, and experiences that everyone brings to the table.


Smart Supply in 2024

931.221 pcs

Sales Increase

14.732.300 pcs

Automated Orders

11.806.863 pcs

Prevented Overstock


Better for your business and the planet

Supporting sustainability is a core element of our company. We take proactive steps to improve the apparel industries ecological footprint, firmly believing in our role as catalysts for positive change. We empower brands to effectively prevent overstock and overproduction through demand forecasting and data-driven replenishment.

Around 100 billion garments are manufactured annually, from which around 40% end in landfills or incinerators. The heart of this problem lies in overproduction. While the fashion industry is working hard on other improvements for a more sustainable industry, the core of the challenge remains: producing too much.

We empower our clients by predicting demand accurately, reducing overproduction. By adjusting production, we connect business goals and improve the environmental footprint. As your partner, we support your path to sustainability, blending success with environmental harmony.

Why Us

What makes Chainbalance different?

Our expert team, our commitment to technological innovation, customer focus and reliability allow us to give you the best possible service.


Customer Focus

We prioritize our customer’s needs. Our solution is diverse and adaptable to your demands. Get close support from our Customer Success Department, committed to guiding you.


Industry Expertise

Our team of fashion and tech experts, 19 years of experience, our constantly growing customer base and their feedback help us to improve our solution constantly.


Technological Innovation

Our solution is powered by the newest technologies, like AI, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Big Data. We ensure maximum security with Microsoft Stack, are ISO27001 certified and follow GDPR rules.



Since 2005, we always succeeded in delivering to our customers. They can rely on a risk-free investment and expect to see ROI in less than 6 months.

Why do brands trust Chainbalance?

Without Chainbalance

  • High manual workload
  • Lost sales
  • Overstock and lower availability
  • Less transparency in your daily business

With Chainbalance

  • Reduced workload for your team
  • Increased sell-out and turnover
  • Reduced overstock and increased availability
  • Full transparency in your daily business


We have long and successful partnerships with leaders in their fields. With their help, we are able to provide direct access to data, easy onboardings, the latest technology and the highest security standards. Our knowledge and our partners, gives our clients the certainty that the implementation of our SaaS solution will always be professionally carried out.

awsAWS Select Technology Partner

Smart Supply is a cloud-based solution that offers numerous benefits. It allows you to start using Smart Supply quickly and cost-effectively without the need for server investment, hosting, or maintenance. This flexibility is made possible by our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the global leader in Cloud service platforms. Their extensive range of software and services, coupled with their unparalleled expertise, ensures a Public Cloud solution of unmatched scale and reliability.

prodressprodress Software GmbH

ERP – simple and modular. With prodress Software GmbH from Germany, you receive a tailor-made fashion software solution that perfectly maps your business processes in the textile industry. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, you can look forward to a partner who speaks your language and understands your needs.

microsoftsilverpartnerMicrosoft Silver Partner

Chainbalance has achieved the status of 'Microsoft Silver Partner' as part of the 'Microsoft Partnership' network program. This certification is not given to just any partner. Our development team followed training courses and passed exams to achieve this. These competencies and technical expertise enable us to offer our clients a state-of-the-art solution. We regularly attend training courses to keep our expertise and know-how up to date.

Streamline your merchandising operations