Allocation and Replenishment

Smart Replenishment

Effortless merchandising

maximize your bestsellers

Maximize your best sellers

Unlock the true potential of your best sellers and prevent lost sales. If demand increases, you want enough stock in your stores. We automatically increase the stock levels if an article and size are selling well - too always have enough but never too much.


Reduce overstock, increase availability

Why replenish a size to a fixed stock level if it rarely sells? Use your floor space effectively. Only keep in stock and replenish what your stores are expected to sell.


Automate your work

Do you spend hours on performance analysis and order quantities on Monday morning? Smart Supply minimizes your manual effort and frees up your day for other tasks.

"The most significant benefit is that we can trust this automated replenishment process in detail."

Markus Karweg
Head of Business Development at Triumph International
Smart Initial Allocation

Reduce lost sales


Is your allocation process time-consuming? Do you lose turnover with mark-downs at the end of the season?

‘Smart Initial Allocation’ is based on the individual potential of the POS for the product group, color, and size instead of static store clusters. We can give you a precise forecast of the quantities to allocate initially per POS and SKU.

Be closer to the actual demand and the individual POS behavior right from the start. By keeping a healthy availability in your DC, you can react to the dynamic consumer to always enough but never too much.

Smart Order Proposals

Support your partners where they need it


Optimized in-season management without losing control

Take over the extensive re-order of your wholesale partners with automated in-season management. Our solution analyzes all the necessary parameters and proactively makes a proposal for the best possible replenishment, while providing further insights on product performance. Grow your partnership together and increase trust on both sides.

"Thanks to a tool like Smart Supply, we can maintain our customer's floor effectively, build trust and grow together."

Jürgen Fleischmann
Smart Event Planning

Black Friday, Christmas or End-of-Season Sales - ready for every event

Event planning

Maximize your turnover

Events have an individual impact on the sell-out at each POS. By leveraging behavior, identifying patterns, and providing accurate forecasts, we use your inside knowledge such as expected total sales. ‘Smart Event Planning’ gives you an intuitive environment to prepare for events in advance and customize them to your needs. Achieve higher sales with sufficient stock in your POS to cover the event period, without impacting your day-to-day operations after the events.

Optimize your business with Smart Supply