Assortment Optimization

Smart Store-to-Store Transfer

Maximize your full price sell-out


Avoid markdowns, blocked shelves or transfers to the outlet DC.

'Smart Store-to-Store Transfer' can offer optimization to increase revenue and reduce overstock.

Our AI-based model will find the best transfer combinations, balancing costs with sales potential and CO2-Emissions, assessing the fewest but most efficient transfers needed.

Transfer best sellers where they are needed without spending hours in Excel.


Hours turn into minutes

Quick reactions to demand fluctuations are crucial. 'Smart Store-To-Store-Transfer' does the analysis for you and gives you the best possible transfers within minutes.

Artificial Intelligence


Let Artificial Intelligence do the job. We are constantly evolving our solution and implement the latest technologies.

“By improving the allocation of our assortment according to the consumer demand, we achieved not only more sales but also extra shelf space for our brand in the shop-in-shops.”

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Smart Recommendations

Efficient merchandising on every level


Optimize your assortment at each POS down to size and color, depending on their sales potential. ’Smart Recommendations’ shows you missing best sellers, missing sizes with high turnover potential and non-seller blocking your inventory.

Merchandising operations on the next level