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A new standard in Assortment Optimization

Always have the right product at the right place, to the right amount at the right time and price. With optimal merchandise management, this is easy.


Faces behind Chainbalance - Ihor Bazhan

What inspired Ihor to work in the world of IT? What is his favorite band to jam on his guitar? Find out more about him.

Daan Vermin

Faces behind Chainbalance - Daan Vermin

Meet Daan, one of our longest Customer Success Manager guiding some of our first customers.


Merchandising for the future – Smart Supply 2.9

From an improved homepage and deeper insights into data streams or product history to two new recommendations, read what's new!

nickolai parasochka

Faces behind Chainbalance - Nickolai Parasochka

Find out how Nickolai found his way from university to working at Chainbalance.

this picture belongs to marcus loke on unsplash

Be the conductor of the product life cycle with Smart Supply

Managing the life cycle of your products is crucial for effective merchandise management. How can Chainbalance Smart Supply® help?


Faces behind Chainbalance - Sergii Lascov

Meet Sergii, IT Infrastructure Engineer at Chainbalance, and find out how he came to pursue his career path.


Faces behind Chainbalance - Alexander Zaoburny

Meet Alex, a member of our development team, and find out how he started working at Chainbalance as .Net #C SQL Developer.


What's new?- Chainbalances Smart Supply® Version 2.8

Another update for our solution Smart Supply was deployed successfully. Check out what's new!


Faces behind Chainbalance - Alexander Tarasiuk

Read how Alex discovered his passion for all things tech and problem-solving to being a software developer at Chainbalance.


Never miss extra sales – effortless “Smart Event Planning” with just a few clicks

Event Season is lurking around the corner. How can you prepare to achieve the best possible sell-out? Unlock your hidden growth potential!


Collect the data of today for tomorrow – win back the trust in your data!

Win back the trust in your data! How can Chainbalance help you overcome the challenges? What is rich&royal's experience with data?


Faces behind Chainbalance - Powerhouse Mauricio Warchaftig

Have you ever wondered how a hobby cook entered the fashion industry? Meet Mauricio, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) at Chainbalance.


Faces behind Chainbalance - Pleun Schuit: a bundle of energy

In the search of combining her creative passion and love for strategy, Pleun found her way from studying SCM to Customer Success Manager.


Faces behind Chainbalance – Tetiana Oryshchenko

Meet Tetiana, a spirited person whose zest for life and passion has taken her from the world of banking to QA Engineering.


The Power of Smart Supply - Version 2.7

Version 2.7 – a game-changing upgrade that introduces many new features and enhancements designed to empower users like never before.

Britta Dünschede

Faces behind Chainbalance - Britta Dünschede

Breaking news: new collection was stolen. Do you want to know what that's about? Read about our Junior Marketing Manager Britta!


Faces behind Chainbalance – Oleg: Hiking Fan and Coding Extraordinaire

Meet Oleg Sokolansky: hiker, backend guru, and frontend wizard – the newest addition to Chainbalance's development team!


Attention Retailers! - TIMEZONE's race into the future

Gain first-hand insights into Jürgen Fleischmann's thoughts about the developments in the fashion industry since 2020 and more!