Smart Supply
Unlock your hidden growth potential

Is your in-season management static?
Does your team work on endless Excel sheets?

We have the solution for you.


Unify your merchandise management

Our Smart Merchandise Management solution fully automates your in-season and out-of-season Management. From Allocation and Replenishment, to Assortment Optimization and Production Optimization. Smart Supply makes millions of micro-decisions for you, daily.

Values of smart supply

Stay close to demand and increase turnover

Shopping behavior has become hyper-dynamic, and to stay close to the consumer, Smart Merchandise Management is the solution.

React to consumption fluctuations, trends, seasons, or external factors, and unlock hidden growth potential. Smart Supply makes the shifting market dynamics and change of responsibilities in wholesale feasible.

Sustainability Smart Demand Forecast results and prevented overstock

Better for your business and the planet

Do you have overstock at the end of the season? Reduce overstock and overproduction and become more sustainable.

Business Insights

All important insights at a glance



All essential KPIs and insights for your daily business and merchandise management operations with a few clicks.



Identify missing best sellers, missing sizes or non-sellers to optimize your assortment.


Worried about your data?

Worrying about data is our business. That’s why you don’t have to. We optimize your data, remove noise, provide insights and can still work with a minimal amount of data. Win back the trust in your data.