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Meet the team

Our team is the foundation of our success, a team of industry experts in fashion and software development. Everyone is dedicated to pushing their boundaries while creating a space for nurturing positive change. Each individual is not just an employee, but a valued team member whose skills and perspectives help us move forward.

We believe in the power of appreciation, recognizing that it's not only the collective effort that drives us, but the individual contributions. We celebrate the diversity of talents, ideas, and experiences that everyone brings to the table.

Chainbalance story

Ben Vermin was surprised by the imbalance of stock he witnessed while working for an international sports brand. Fully booked factories, leaving little room for bestseller re-orders, with parts of the capacity lost on producing slow movers. Despite efforts to manage overstock, unsold stock remains and causes significant losses. Driven by a desire for efficiency and to reduce the environmental impact, Ben took it upon himself to find a solution.

Ben channelled his expertise and insights to create Smart Supply. Our solution analyzes data to streamline operational processes, decrease overstock, and reduce overproduction. Since the start of Chainbalance in 2005, Ben formed a team of fashion industry insiders and software engineers.

Without the determination, passion, and innovation of each team member as well as the input of our clients, Chainbalance would not be where it is today. Every day, we drive towards being better than yesterday, always assuring the best results for our clients. Today, Smart Supply has become a driving force in the industry, helping businesses worldwide to optimize their merchandise management, increase their turnover and improve their environmental footprint.

Meet the Team


I picked up my passion for fashion as a teenager and later decided to make it my expertise. As CCO at Chainbalance, I convey our message to as many fashion brands as possible. I am an avid cook and love to create delicious meals in the kitchen.

Mauricio WarchaftigChief Commercial Officer
Britta Dünschede Junior Marketing Manager

While studying Fashion Management, I discovered my passion for Marketing and Sustainability. With my bachelor’s degree in hands, I started working at Chainbalance. In my free time, I enjoy going to the movies, reading and of course, fashion.

Britta DünschedeMarketing Manager

I'm a C# developer with a passion for creating efficient and user-friendly software solutions. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and experimenting with international cuisines.

Alexander Zaoburny.NET C# SQL Developer

I have worked for Chainbalance as a Customer Success Manager for almost ten years. I am a problem solver and a user of an ERP system for my own Douglas perfumery. That is why responding quickly to questions is paramount as I expect the same from my software supplier.

Daan VerminCustomer Success Manager

I consistently apply my values and qualities to support customers and colleagues. After working as Supply Chain Manager at a Supermarket chain for nearly 10 years, I am well trained when it comes to replenishment. In my free time I like to give it all I got on the Padel course.

Erik de WitChief Operating Officer
Ben Vermin Founder of Chainbalance

While working for an international sportswear brand, I was struck by the imbalance in stock. Recognizing the industry's need for change, I leveraged my expertise in logistics, fashion, and IT to create Smart Supply. Outside of work, I enjoy CrossFit, biking, and sailing.

Ben VerminFounder & CEO

I am a QA Engineer at Chainbalance, a fantastic and conscious company. I graduated from the National Technical University in the hero city of Kharkiv. I enjoy Harry Potter, listening to K-pop, and reading about medicine in my free time. I fight for my beliefs and sweets.

Hanna DanylchenkoQA Engineer

I have been Product Owner at Chainbalance for almost five years. With my background in psychology and business administration, I enjoy diving into the nitty-gritty details of Smart Supply and adding new features to improve the user experience. Powered by candy (my Achilles heel), of course. Otherwise, I love photography and music.

Mark van der ZandenProduct Owner

I studied at the Kharkiv Polytechnic University to be a programmer and worked in different sectors, from backend to full-stack. Since 2021, I have been working for Chainbalance. In my free time, I enjoy sports like going to the gym, football or fishing.  

Nickolai ParasochkaFull-stack developer

I have been fascinated with computers and gaming since I was a child and, therefore, went to study computer systems and networks. At Chainbalance, I am a Backend Developer, and I enjoy taking long hikes in nature as early in the morning as possible to watch the sunrise and see the mist cast its mystical blanket over the grass and trees.

Oleg SokolanskyBackend developer

At Chainbalance I can learn and challenge myself every day. Currently, I am diving into C#, DevOps engineering, and AI technology. I used to be a board game enthusiast and own over 200 board games, suitable for any occasion, and I enjoy backpacking, cycling, running, skiing, and poker.

Sergii LascovIT Infrastructure Engineer

In addition to my work as a QA engineer, I love sports and our Ukrainian fashion brands. Sport is about health, discipline, and character, just like  Ukrainian brands remain underestimated, primarily regarding the quality of clothing. I also volunteer and try my best to support children around my hometown.

Tetiana OryshenkoQA Engineer

Since high school, I've been passionate about computers and electronics. They bring out my creativity, allowing me to invent new things and simplify life by automating daily routines. In my free time, I enjoy photography and sci-fi.

Alexander Tarasiuk.NET/SQL Developer

A long journey of trying myself in various IT fields led me to the role of an IT Infrastructure Engineer. This role involves designing, building, deploying, and maintaining the IT infrastructure using the latest technologies. I like cross-country and downhill cycling, playing the electric guitar, and traveling.

Ihor BazhanIT Infrastructure Engineer

I’m a fashion-loving engineer turned customer success manager. With a passion for blending technical know-how and my love for fashion, I’m dedicated to ensure happy clients with a sprinkle of style.

Nina van den HeuvelCustomer Success Manager
Nuno Goncalves Junior Business Developmen Manager

After many years on the sales floor, I bring knowledge and experience from several areas that are important for understanding the market. I am happy to see how Chainbalance supports the fashion world and helps me see behind the wall. So, I can take my hobby — fashion — to a new level.

Nuno GonçalvesJunior Business Development Manager

After working as a banker at a large, long-standing bank in the Netherlands for 20 years, I am now broadening my horizons as the Finance/People and culture Manager for our internationally oriented company. In private, I also like to dive into new adventures by traveling far beyond the Dutch border.

Véronique MelisFinance Manager

I am a sports-loving Customer Success Manager with an MSc in Supply Chain Management and fluent German skills. I am dedicated to ensuring your success. With a passion for Cross-fit, Hockey, Cycling, and Running, I bring the same energy to my work as I do to the field.

Pleun SchuitCustomer Success Manager

I’m a self-taught software engineer and work as a Backend engineer. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, traveling, exploring big cities on foot, and trying interesting new food.

Stanislav MalyhaBackend developer

Since childhood, I have been fascinated with electronics and computers, which ignited the spark to pursue my interest and hobby in college and my career. However, I never expected database development to be my work's focus.

Yevgeny KolesnichenkoSenior Database Developer

Since childhood, I have been passionate about software engineering and enjoy bringing something to life through code. Besides my enthusiasm for tech, I enjoy nature, Lord of the Rings, Dune, and Star Wars.

Sergiy Tolkachov.Net and SQL Software Engineer

As a lifelong game enthusiast, a passionate explorer of new places, and an avid reader, my development journey is fuelled by a diverse range of interests. Whether delving into code or immersing myself in a good book, each experience contributes to the unique blend of creativity and technical prowess I bring to every project. Outside of work, I thrive on discovering hidden gems while traveling.

Anton EvseevFull Stack Developer

I am happy to have been working for Chainbalance as a freelancing bookkeeper for over 10 years now. It makes me proud to be part of this team. To unwind I love walking in nature and reading a good book.

Christel VervoortBookkeeper
niklas jansen junior marketing manager

My passion for fashion started quite early, and after doing an orientation internship at Guess Germany, I was sure this was the right path for me. Through my fashion studies, I have expanded my passion for fashion and sustainability and look forward to applying this knowledge in the future. In my free time, I enjoy participating in sports, trying new activities with friends, and expressing my passion for fashion.

Niklas JansenJunior Marketing Manager

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