Faces behind Chainbalance - Alexander Zaoburny

Britta Dünschede
· 2 min read

Meet Alexander Zaoburny, the seasoned .NET C# SQL Developer at Chainbalance, who started his journey as a Support Engineer and then changed towards a key player in our development team for Database Development.

Alexander dived into the world of programming early in his academic life. Before starting University in Software Engineering, he discovered his passion for working with technology. His proficiency in programming paved the way for his later career. Alexander's interest in the field started in school, where he had programming lessons and excelled at them, ultimately leading him to pursue a career as a Support Developer.

Before joining Chainbalance, Alexander worked for a bank, gaining valuable experience in the industry. The turning point came when he stumbled upon a vacancy at Chainbalance. Initially hired as a Support Engineer, his journey took an interesting turn as he delved into databases, which is how he became a .NET C# SQL Developer at Chainbalance.

With eight years under his belt at Chainbalance, Alexander reflects on his significant personal development. The switch from a support role to a full-fledged developer focusing on databases was pivotal for him. As well as being part of a fast-growing IT company. Significantly, the onboarding project with 1000 stores in 2016 marked a transformative period for Alex, challenging the team and showcasing their capabilities.

He especially values the presented autonomy and freedom to make decisions daily. He appreciates the flexibility to prioritize tasks and the open communication culture within the organization. He enjoys the trust placed in employees to voice their opinions, fostering a collaborative and dynamic work environment.

Beyond the coding and databases, Alexander has a rich personal life. Cooking takes center stage, with a special love for creating the traditional Ukrainian dessert “zapikanka (запіканка)” – a kind of cheesecake. RPG games like “Gothic” and “The Elder Scrolls” are his favorites, and he is a long-time fan of the game “Heroes of Might and Magic”, and his interests extend further to cryptocurrencies and staying abreast of new technologies. He's a former guitar and ukulele player, showcasing his creative side beyond the coding screen.