Faces behind Chainbalance - Britta Dünschede

Mauricio Warchaftig
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Britta Dünschede

Breaking news: break-in at the fashion store of Yohji Yamamoto. Unknown people broke into one of the Tokyo stores during the day, trashed the store, and stole the new collection.

No doubt you're wondering who would steal a new collection before its release and what this collection might look like. But don’t worry. This did not happen. But now I have your attention, and that's what it's all about while introducing Britta Dünschede today.

With this Guerilla concept of a fake break-in during her semester abroad at Istituto Marangoni in Milan/Italy, Britta, and her friend achieved total points – entirely deserved because this is a great and, above all, creative measure to really draw attention to one's brands and stand out from the crowd.

If this concept, and how she uses this drive in Chainbalance communication with clients like rich&royal, TIMEZONE, or O’Neill, hasn’t tickled your interest to continue reading. Don't miss which 70s masterpieces of the arthouse film industry Britta doesn’t want to miss in her list of favorites. Here we go.

Britta is one of the newest members at Chainbalance’s Berlin Office. She is not new to the industry and picked up her fashion passion in childhood. Through her two older sisters and her work in a fashion store as a sales assistant, she gained her first experience in the fashion world. As she progressed through school, her interest in fashion and sustainability grew, and she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Management at Macromedia in Berlin.

During her studies, Britta gained valuable work experience in marketing, sales, and event management at a sustainable fashion label in Berlin. Her commitment to sustainability and willingness to understand the behind-the-scenes operations of the fashion industry made her a perfect fit for Chainbalance. In 2022, she started as a working student, and after completing her bachelor’s degree, she continued working at Chainbalance as a Junior Marketing Manager.

As Junior Marketing Manager at Chainbalance, Britta Dünschede is responsible for the company's communication. One of her key responsibilities is to initiate activities that promote partnerships and engage with fashion industry stakeholders. To achieve this, she proactively organizes interviews with experts from well-known fashion brands such as TIMEZONE, Triumph, or O'Neill.

Britta's appreciation for Chainbalance goes beyond the company's vision and sustainability efforts. For her, the best part of the company is the team and the positive work environment it fosters. She finds joy in her daily work, and this positive atmosphere is not limited to special events like summer parties or Christmas celebrations but is present daily.

One crucial aspect that stands out for Britta is the company's respect and focus on individual team members. She appreciates that her feedback is taken seriously and everyone actively seeks each other's input. This open-minded approach to feedback makes her feel valued and recognized as an essential part of the Chainbalance team.

Britta Dünschede

Britta enjoys Berlin's artistic and cultural offerings when she is not busy with marketing. Her fascination with young fashion labels in Berlin shows her constant curiosity and support for emerging talents in the fashion industry. Being in a city with a thriving creative scene allows her to discover and appreciate these labels' unique and innovative designs. Berlin is the perfect place for fashion!

Further, she is captivated by the film scene, especially with arthouse movies. Britta is drawn to intellectual masterpieces like “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie,” a classic from the early 70s. Seeing such films in Berlin's numerous cinemas and open-air theaters is culturally enriching and artistically fulfilling for her.

Britta knows that Berlin's creative atmosphere and diverse offerings contribute significantly to her ability to develop and pursue her hobbies freely. She is confident that this experience is not possible in the same way in her hometown near Munich.

Britta's passion, creativity, and commitment to sustainability make her a driving force behind Chainbalance's vision to lead the fashion industry into a more sustainable future.