Faces behind Chainbalance - Pleun Schuit: a bundle of energy

Britta Dünschede
· 2 min read

In a world where creativity meets precision, Pleun stands as a shining example of someone who found her calling. As a Customer Success Manager at Chainbalance, she brings enthusiasm, positivity, and a passion for supply chain management to the fashion industry. In this interview, we dive into her journey to work at Chainbalance and her life outside the office.

Pleun's journey to becoming a Customer Success Manager at Chainbalance is a unique one. Initially drawn to the creative world of fashion, she attended an open day at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. However, her passion for numbers and a desire to work in a more operational field led her to pursue a degree in business economics. During her bachelor's degree, the course operations management ignited her interest in the field of supply chain management. Eventually, she completed her master’s degree in supply chain management while working in the warehouse of 'de Bijenkorf' in Tilburg.

Her path eventually led her to Chainbalance, where she found the perfect intersection of strategy, creativity, and sustainability. She was determined to work at a company contributing to a better planet instead of working for a manufacture and wanted to pursue a more creative direction. Chainbalance provided the ideal opportunity for her to achieve this goal while contributing to a more sustainable fashion industry.

One of the things Pleun values highly about Chainbalance is the company's team size, which leads to short lines of communication. The close-knit team brings together diverse perspectives quickly, allowing for effective decision-making and problem-solving. This dynamic environment aligns perfectly with her desire for a collaborative and innovative workspace.

Pleun has quickly felt at home at Chainbalance. She appreciates the sense of belonging and that her opinion matters. This acceptance has not only fueled her professional growth but also added to the positive atmosphere that radiates throughout the company.


Outside of business, she is a bundle of energy. As an avid CrossFit enthusiast, relishing the blend of strength and stamina, she keeps pushing her limits one step further every time – keeping her motivated and energized.

Additionally, Pleun is the captain of her hockey team, organizing her teams' schedules, training, matches, line-ups, and game plans, and enjoys cycling. While often embarking on adventures with her family, she loves traveling and has lived in three different countries already: the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Germany.

Speaking of Germany, Pleun’s fluency in German is an intriguing facet. At the age of 14, she moved to Siegen with her family, where she attended a German high school. While initially challenging, she quickly adapted to the language and even completed her Abitur in the foreign language. She fondly remembers indulging in cakes and coffee, cherishing the new cultural experience Germany offered.

Pleun's journey from a fashion enthusiast to a Customer Success Manager at Chainbalance is impressive. Her passion for her work, enthusiasm for life, and love for exploring new cultures continue to shape her journey. At Chainbalance, she's found the perfect canvas to blend her creativity and strategic thinking, making her a valued asset to the team.