Faces behind Chainbalance - Sergii Lascov

Britta Dünschede
· 2 min read

From Sergii's earliest school days, a deep fascination with systems engineering set the course for his professional journey. This passion led him to pursue a master’s degree in the field, drawn by diverse tasks such as data collection, digital product development, and online site support. The dynamic and captivating systems engineering environment made Sergii become an IT Infrastructure Engineer at Chainbalance.

An opportunity at Chainbalance as IT Infrastructure Engineer aligned perfectly with Sergii's skills. Before joining Chainbalance, he worked at an IT company that focused on software solutions for accountants. The shift to Chainbalance offered growth and exposure to new technologies, programming languages, and cloud services.

Currently, Sergii is diving into C#, DevOps engineering, and AI technology, as he enjoys learning something new. The collaborative environment and innovative approach at Chainbalance have fostered continuous learning and growth. Our team of specialists creates a dynamic and stimulating atmosphere where each day presents new challenges and opportunities for personal and professional development.

Beyond the professional world, Sergii was once a dedicated board game enthusiast, with approximately 200 board games. This hobby reflects his love for exploring new mechanics and interactions between players. Sergii also emphasizes the significance of team spirit and support from colleagues at Chainbalance. In his words, the workplace is more than just a professional setting; it's a community where everyone is like family, creating an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.

Sergii cherishes the fact that innovation is not only encouraged but highly valued at Chainbalance. This openness to new ideas creates a unique work environment where every contribution is acknowledged and directly influences collective success. The day-to-day experience at Chainbalance is described as unique, inspiring, and community-like.


Outside work, Sergii's interests span a range of outdoor activities, including backpacking, cycling, running, and skiing. One notable adventure involved climbing Mount Elbrus on New Year’s Eve, a challenging moment that saw temperatures plummeting to -45 degrees Celsius. Celebrating New Year's Eve at a lofty 4200 meters added uniqueness to this experience.