Faces behind Chainbalance - Stanislav Malyha

Britta Dünschede
· 2 min read

Meet Stanislav Malyha, one of the talented individuals behind the success of Chainbalance. As a child, Stanislav developed a curiosity for software development after flipping through computer magazines, discussing software development. He was captivated by the new creative possibilities that the world of software development offered, prompting him to start creating web pages at a young age. After obtaining his bachelor's degree in Electronics, Stanislav chose to pursue a career as a freelancer, creating web design projects for different clients.

In 2018, Stanislav joined Chainbalance as a backend engineer, where he works on our algorithms, KPI reports, and database. He is particularly drawn to the “magic” behind software development, constantly seeking to improve his skills and knowledge. Although he had little interest in the fashion industry before joining Chainbalance, he has since developed an interest in the history and processes behind luxury fashion.

"Our team is the best part of Chainbalance. We work closely together and create strong bonds."

Stanislav Malyha
Backend Engineer

Stanislav treasures the strong bonds he has formed with his colleagues at Chainbalance. As part of a small team, he enjoys working closely with his colleagues on a personal level. Having been with the company for over five years, he has witnessed first-hand the growth and development of both Chainbalance and Smart Supply.

When asked about our company's greatest achievement, Stanislav highlights the merging of code bases of Smart Supply implementations into one. This achievement makes onboarding new clients easier and ensures consistent behavior across different parts of the solution for all clients. This allows the team to resolve problems and implement new features simultaneously, streamlining the process for everyone involved.

Recently, Stanislav moved to our main office in Breda, where he enjoys exploring the Dutch city in his spare time. When he is not working, he indulges in his passion for video games, sightseeing as well as travel. His dedication and enthusiasm for his work have been instrumental in driving the success of Chainbalance, and we are grateful to have him on our team!