Faces behind Chainbalance – Oleg: Hiking Fan and Coding Extraordinaire

Britta Dünschede
· 3 min read

Meet Oleg Sokolansky, the newest addition to Chainbalance's dynamic development team. As a hiker, backend guru, and frontend wizard, he brings a unique blend of skills to the table.

Just like many other developers, Oleg's fascination with computers and gaming began in his childhood, igniting a passion that would shape his future. From creating his own games and websites to studying computer systems and networks, he followed his heart to pursue his dreams. After completing his studies, he landed the role of Chief IT Specialist at a local government institution in Kherson as – according to his LinkedIn – “One and only” IT Specialist.

Oleg is a true multi-talent, having worked across various domains such as Database Developer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, and Fullstack Developer. While he finds Frontend development more enjoyable because it allows him to showcase his success more efficiently – in fact, he believes that modern frontend development can be more complex than its backend counterpart – he doesn't shy away from the satisfaction of solving intricate Backend problems.

In 2013, fate crossed paths with Oleg as he strolled down the streets of his city. He bumped into an old friend who suggested he apply for a Database Developer position at Chainbalance. Embracing the opportunity with open arms, Oleg embarked on a remarkable journey with the company, dedicating his skills and expertise until 2019. After a brief interlude exploring other options, he finally returned to Chainbalance in May 2023, adding another chapter to his illustrious career.

Despite his four-year hiatus from Chainbalance, Oleg is technically one of the longest-tenured employees, having been there since the beginning. Throughout the company's evolution, he witnessed numerous developments and transformations. Regarding Smart Supply, the unification of the solution, which was very complex and very important, as well as the implementation of customization opportunities for customers, are the most notable developments. But, for him, the biggest surprise since returning was Customer Success and Marketing.

Reflecting on his experiences, Oleg acknowledges that he underestimated the importance of Customer Success. As a developer, getting caught up in your bubble is easy. However, during one of his previous jobs, where customer success was highly emphasized, he gained a newfound appreciation for this vital aspect of the role.

According to Oleg, one thing that hasn't changed at Chainbalance is the team's unwavering dedication to achieving goals and delivering exceptional products for our clients. He values this commitment immensely.


When Oleg isn't immersed in coding, he's a true adventurer, embarking on thrilling long-distance hikes. And we're not talking about your ordinary 10 to 20 kilometers; Oleg pushes himself to cover an impressive 40 kilometers and beyond. His favorite time to set off is during the enchanting summer mornings when the sun rises, and mist casts a mystical haze over the grass and trees. While hiking in these atmospheric conditions is an adventure in itself, it's not without its minor mishaps. Oleg once stumbled into a moss-covered pond disguised as a mossy idyll due to the mist. Thankfully, the summer heat dried him off swiftly, allowing him to continue his trip. One pro-tip we learned from Oleg's introduction: always keep your phone charged and have a backup battery, or you might find yourself on an unexpected detour!


Chainbalance is thrilled to have such a spirited and joyful colleague back in their midst. With Oleg's unwavering enthusiasm, the team is poised to continue its mission of enhancing Smart Supply.