Faces behind Chainbalance – Tetiana Oryshchenko

Britta Dünschede
· 2 min read

In the heart of Ukraine, amid Lviv, lives one of our QA Engineers, who has embarked on an inspiring journey of professional transformation. Meet Tetiana, a spirited individual whose zest for life and passion has taken her from the world of banking to the dynamic world of Quality Assurance (QA) Engineering. As we dive into Tetiana's story, we uncover a narrative filled with determination, growth, and commitment to excellence.

Tetiana grew up in the town of Kherson, where she cultivated a love for photography, CrossFit, Ukrainian literature, and the vibrant variety of her country's fashion brands. Armed with an engineering-technologist background, she embarked on a career in the banking sector, dedicating eight years to this domain. It was during this time that Tetiana's curiosity led her to testing, a step that set the stage for her journey.

With a desire to evolve and seek new opportunities, Tetiana recognized the need for change. Eager to pivot her career toward the field of IT, she seized an opportunity presented by one of Kherson's major IT players. As Tetiana navigated this transition and acquired new knowledge, she started her first job in QA Engineering.

Tetiana's rendezvous with Chainbalance was no coincidence. Fuelled by the desire to surpass her comfort zone and achieve higher goals, she decided to submit a resume to Chainbalance.

In her current role at Chainbalance, Tetiana works hard to give our solution the best possible quality. To do so, she works closely with the development team. She appreciates the harmonious synergy that defines the team most about her job. In her opinion, documentation is the foundation for the testing process. Tetiana's commitment extends beyond her daily tasks; currently, she and her colleague refine their processes, enhance workflow efficiency, and elevate her personal efficacy.

Chainbalance isn't just a workplace—it's a tightly-knit community that values the power of collaboration. Tetiana takes pride in working alongside our team, which breathes a culture of support and camaraderie. Beyond their professional pursuits, the team at Chainbalance embodies a collective sense of purpose, with management steadfastly standing by their side through challenges and triumphs alike.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Tetiana is a big sports fan. As a five-year CrossFit enthusiast, she revels in the exhilaration of physical activity, be it karate, boxing, or her current passion. Yet, Tetiana's interests span far wider than the gym; she is interested in photography and is a nature enthusiast who loves to hike in the enchanting landscapes of the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. Her love for Ukrainian literature is a lifelong affair, offering her a rich tapestry of knowledge and insights that shape her worldview. Her favorite writer is Serhiy Zhadan, whose books cover political topics, especially the Ukrainian War. Her favorite book now is “There is Land Behind Perekop” by Anastasia Levkova. A historical novel about the culture of the Crimean Tatars and finding their identity.

Besides enjoying literature, Tetiana is a fashion enthusiast. She especially loves brands from her country. Her favorites are Hukh.official, a beautiful contemporary womenswear brand combining Ukrainian craftsmanship and premium Italian fabrics – all made in Ukraine. And Etnodim, fashion inspired by the national clothes from Ukraine.

Tetiana's passion for embracing change and pursuing her dream lead her to be a part of Chainbalance’s team, where her dedication and spirit are an enrichment for Chainbalance, daily.